Ukraine Faces Ongoing Devastating Surprise



I’m sure by now you have heard the heartbreaking news about what is happening in Ukraine. On the 24th of February last year people In Ukraine were living their everyday lives, some even going to school, when all of a sudden, their lives changed drastically in a matter of seconds.


The war started when Putin ordered Russian troops to invade Ukraine in 2022. There were multiple reasons for the war, one was stated in a website titled “Project Syndicate” which stated,” We know from Putin’s own writings, and from various biographers like Philip Short, that the intermediate cause was a refusal to see Ukraine as a legitimate state.” Another reason was that Putin wanted to restore what he called “The Russian World.”  Now approaching the age of 70, he wanted to do something big that would leave him a legacy, like older presidents of Russia did. But in reality, after what he’s been doing, all he’ll be leaving behind is shame, idiocy, and greed. 


With time the war has not changed in importance. What some people don’t extinguish is how much of a problem the war is. So take this as a scary reminder, about a week ago Putin bombed a small town in Ukraine. In the bombing, an apartment building got demolished completely with people inside. There was a girl who had been hiding in her bathroom during the bombing and got caught in the debris. She laid there alone for seven days and wasn’t able to even call for help, as she was deaf. After she was finally found, they discovered her husband was missing as well and he still hasn’t been found. This is just one story out of the 15 million that have been affected. How scary is that? Another horrifying event was that a few days ago Russia was suspected of sending out one of a group to mail bombs to Spain. This shows that he could go after other countries in Europe if he succeeds in invading Ukraine 


The war has been going on for almost a year, and as of now at least 42,295 people have passed, 54,132 people have been injured, and 14 million people have been displaced. Those are all people with lives just like yours, that were torn apart because of someone’s decisions, I could never even imagine the pain they are going through. While we are sitting in our homes with electricity, food, water, and heaters they are surviving with no electricity and barely any food, through winter with snow. If that wasn’t bad enough since Ukraine faced so much destruction, if wanted to restore, it would take up to 350 Billion dollars. This is the scary reality of a war with no purpose. 


Some countries that have helped support Ukraine include the United Kingdom, Canada, Norway, Romania, Greece, and many more. They have helped by donating over $ 18.3 Billion altogether, Countries like the United Kingdom and Belgium have also sent military aid including weapons to help the most they can. 


How can I help?

Though it seems like we can’t do much, as we live in a whole different country here are some ways you can show your support. The first way is by donating. Even $1 is enough, when you donate to Ukraine you are providing refugee camps with essentials, and it can also help fund their health care and psychological support. Altogether people around the world have raised over $54 million and I’m sure we can raise more! Another way you can help is by protesting, protesting can help spread awareness and can even inspire others to help. You can find out the locations of these protests from groups on the internet, because you have a voice with a lot of power you can use it for good by not staying silent about this catastrophe. 

         Protest At Manhattan Pier

 Putin needs to be stopped, if he isn’t he might even start going after other countries in Europe. This is why it is important to show your support to Ukraine, Ukraine is not only fighting for their country they are fighting for our world and for our safety against this horrible creature, and you can help. #STOPTHEWAR

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