Pickled Pig: Answered? (Featuring Interview With Mrs. Traylor)

   Ms.Traylor the 7th grade STEAM Science teacher is a cherished member of the Dana staff with lots of exciting stories and life experiences. We asked her some questions that all her students may wonder, whether it’s current, past, or future students. 

Mrs. Traylor

   To anyone that’s been in her classroom a question that may be lingering in your mind is why those dead and stuffed animals are in her cabinets on display, including that baby pig in a jar. Ms.Traylor states that Dana used to dissect fetal pigs and decided to keep one there in a jar because she thought the setting was appropriate and thought it was pretty cool. Other animals in her classroom were left over by another teacher and she decided to keep them.


   In the second question, we discussed something that may be more useful for the STEAM 6th graders at Dana. We asked her to tell her future students a message that they might need to know when going into 6th grade. “I would say to believe in yourself do your best and always push yourself forward” 

   Our third question had something to do with money. The question was “What would you do if you had 10 million dollars?” Now, that is a lot of money that you can buy a lot of stuff with. However out of all the things Mrs. Traylor could’ve done with the money she decided she would pay off her house and travel around the world biking everywhere she could! So watch out, if Mrs. Traylor ever wins the lottery you might find her biking in Japan on the Shimanami Kaido!


   Another question we asked Mrs. Traylor included what inspired her to become a teacher. When asked Mrs. Traylor responded,” When I was in high school I would always be a teacher’s aide or a tutor, and I also taught karate for 10 years so it just felt like a natural fit to become a teacher.” How cool is that? I would have never guessed Mrs. Traylor knows some karate!

   We asked Ms.Traylor how many schools she taught at before she became a teacher at Dana. We found out that she was a sub for high schools for about 5 years. After she was a sub she worked as a teacher at a high school in watts. After a year of working at Watts she transferred to Dana, so six places before Dana.

    And the final question of the interview was “What did you do before you became a teacher?” It turned out, that before Mrs. Traylor started teaching she worked as an Accountant Executive and even sold to big companies like Honda, or Toyota! That’s pretty cool in my opinion, but I’m glad to have her as our teacher now!


  And that sums up our interview with Mrs. Traylor. I hope you were able to learn something new about our wonderful Science teacher that you might have not even thought about! And now that some mysteries have been answered, does this leave more questions floating in your mind?