Get to Know More About Mrs. Kim!

I think we all know Mrs. Kim, the sixth-grade math teacher. But do we really know her? Well if you didn’t already know Mrs. Kim went to college at Cal State Long Beach and Cal State LA. She decided she wanted to be a teacher when she was little and her past educators inspired her to make a change. Her favorite part about teaching is when it finally clicks and a student understands a material. Mrs. Kim loves to teach 6th-grade math the most. Mrs. Kim has been teaching for about 14 years, and she decided that her favorite supply to use while teaching is the Promethean board. Also, we learned that Mrs. Kim would instead use pencils than pens.


Favorite color: yellow

Favorite drink: water

Favorite food: Korean food

Favorite movie: E.T

Favorite genre: Mystery/ Suspense.

Favorite weather: Sunny and warm

Favorite animal: Panda

Favorite subject: Math

Favorite Holiday: thanksgiving

I hope this article helps you get to know Ms. Kim for the excellent teacher she is!