Mr. Salceda Interview

     Many people know the 7th-grade math teacher Mr. Salceda, but did you know that his favorite subject is math? What a coincidence. I interviewed Mr. Salceda to see his answer to some questions. The first question I asked him was what are his favorite things? His favorite color is blue and his favorite candy is Reeces, Star Wars is his favorite show and football is his favorite sport. I had asked Mr. Salceda if pineapple belongs on pizza, this is a crucial question. His response was “Yes, with ham!” which was surprising. “Dogs or cats?” I asked, and he said that he is a dog person even though he has a cat but apparently isn’t loyal, his poor cat. Mr. Salceda went to LA Harbor and then CSUDH college. He had only taught at 1 school before which was Gompers Middle School. Mr. Salceda worked at a Vons on 25th street before he became a teacher. The reason he wanted to become a teacher is that he said “I like helping students with one of the hardest subjects.”  If Mr. Salceda had 10 million dollars he said he would buy all of his sister’s and parent’s houses. The last question I asked Mr. Salceda was “What is a message you would tell the 6th graders that are coming into your class next year?” he had responded with, “Charge your Chromebooks, we are going to make problem solvers out of you.” Now you know a little more about the 7th-grade math teacher, Mr. Salceda.