The Dance of Romance

Info on Dana’s Upcoming Dance!


Valentine’s day is in 2 weeks, and love is in the air! Hearts and streamers can be found in stores, and even Dana is partaking in fun. Coming up is the Valentine’s Day Dance on February 14th during 6th period in the cafeteria. Tickets can be purchased from February 6th-10th. The leadership club is planning the dance, so be sure to thank all those Leadership kids. The Valentine’s dance is the perfect way to ask out a crush or show your friends how much you love them! Don’t be shy; remember, the new year is the perfect time for new beginnings! And don’t feel pressured to ask someone out if you don’t want to; there is nothing wrong with going by yourself or with friends! Asking someone to dance is a good way to show you care, romantically or platonically. The most important thing is to love yourself and to be happy! Middle school is a time to have fun (but don’t forget to keep your grades up). Have a blast at the Valentine’s Day Dance!