Outdoor Soccer is a Thing of the Past, try Indoor Soccer, a New Experience



Have you ever wanted to play a sport at school? Like football, soccer, or even basketball? Well, with Mrs. Hannon’s indoor soccer club, you can! The indoor soccer club is a great way to interact with other people and make new friends. In addition, the indoor soccer club is a way to experience something you love to do at school. Furthermore, indoor soccer is a good cardio workout for your body. It will improve your leg strength, conditioning, and endurance.


Indoor soccer is different from outdoor soccer for various reasons. One being there are fewer players on a team. Eleven players are on a regular outdoor soccer team, but there are only six players for indoor soccer. Another is that each half is shorter, usually around twenty-two minutes. For outdoor soccer, each half is thirty minutes. Next, outdoor soccer players compete on grass or artificial turf, whereas indoor soccer is played on synthetic turf inside a walled-off field. Finally, if you consider joining the indoor soccer club with Mrs. Hannon, please see her during your P.E. period and ask her to join.