Gifts for Valentines Day

Valentine’s day is upcoming and if you have a valentine, whether it’s a friend or a partner, and whether it’s platonic or romantic I think you should definitely get them gifts. A basic response for a Valentine’s gift would be chocolate and flowers, but there are better options that definitely will show more appreciation towards them.

Chocolate and flowers are always cute, but maybe this year you can expand your present ideas. One idea is to make paper flowers. Paper flowers are a time consuming project but they are so cute and it’s such a heartwarming gift because it shows how much time you are willing to put in for that person. On the topic of flowers you can also get people lego flowers, legos are pretty expensive but these legos can make an amazing activity for you and your valentine to do together or alone if you want. Legos are a gift for anything, Christmas, somebody’s birthday, and Valentine’s day. Stuffed animals are another really cute gift for valentines day. Hello kitty plushies,  nband any kind of stuffed animal from a show they like or just some interest they have. Giving somebody this gift especially if they love stuffed animals is just a really great gift.Small things matter. Also pay attention to things they say. For example if they say they really like Ghirardell chocolates then you should give them a box of those chocolates, you can use this information for future gift giving ideas. Showing that you care what they have to say is a really amazing way to show appreciation.

When you’re thinking of gifts for people for valentines day, try to think of things that they really like or tiny things you pay attention to about them. Even if they are a friend there are so many different gifts that can show how much you love and appreciate them.That’s it for presents I think are good for Valentine’s day, I hope everyone has a good valentines day!