Super Book Bowl

They are not only played on fields anymore

Super Book Bowl

I’m sure you all know our wonderful librarian Ms. Lavia. She has created the famous super book bowl many are participating in. It all started when Ms. Lavia picked the top 14 most checked-out books from Danas library. Then she set them up to compete against each other.

So technically there is a survey in Schoology every other day. Then you are able to vote on which book should be the champion. The first competition was between My Hero Academia and Jujitsu Kaisen. Jujitsu Kaisen ended up being the winner of the first match.

For the second match, the two books The Case of the Cryptic Crinoline and Hunter X Hunter competed against each other and Hunter X Hunter had taken the spot.

For the third match Dragon Ball Z and The Twisted Ones, The Twisted Ones won that match.

The fourth match was between The Scarlet Letter Manga and One Piece. One piece won that match easily.

The fifth round was Kaiju Girl vs. The Lost Hero. The Lost Hero has emerged victorious.

The sixth game was between Banderas and Dog Man. Nobody was surprised by the winner who was…Dog Man.

The seventh match was  Demon Slayer versus Jujutsu Kaisen. Demon Slayer won that one.

The eighth round was a match played by The Fourth Closet and Hunter X Hunter. Hunter X Hunter beat that game.

The ninth round was between The Twisted Ones and Lost Hero. This one was a close one, and The Twisted Ones ended up taking the place.

For the tenth round, it was One Piece vs Dog Man and Dog man secured its place in the playoffs.

For the eleventh round it was the epic battle between DEMON SLAYER and THE TWISTED ONES! The winner for that match was Demon Slayer.

For the twelveth round it was between Hunter X Hunter vs Dog Man. And the book that gets to compete with Demon slayer is… Dog Man!

Now it is time for last match of the games. The Super Book Bowl. Who will win? We don’t know yet but we will find out soon. The last game is between Dog Man and Demon Slayer a

nd the winner is….                                                             DOG MAN!