San Pedro FC


the team

Are you a soccer player? Well if you are very advanced or just beginning to play soccer San Pedro FC is the place for you. The club has two coaches the Coach for the main team and the beginner team coach. San Pedro FC is very serious about getting you to be at your best so if you are thinking about joining the team be prepared. They want everyone to give their best effort to make this one of the best teams in Los Angeles. They want to go higher and higher to the point where you may get recruited to be on a bigger club. 

 On the main team, we do lots of physical activities, especially on Tuesday. Both of the practices are 2 hours long. The first drill is running you run around the field for half an hour. It can be very strenuous. After the running you will most likely endure more running drills, most can be fun like jumping or running in circles. After doing another 30-minute drill you will move on to skill. For the skill part of practice, you will dribble or run around cones and sometimes you will practice tricks or skills. We usually also practice juggling with the ball it is a skill that is hard to master so we do it all the time.

Thursdays we do more running but we do much less. After the running, we do passing drills for the rest of that hour. After our passing practice, we take a short break and then we do a scrimmage. The teams are usually 2010 vs 2010 and 2011 vs 2012. The scrimmage takes up the rest of the hour and in the hour coach swaps players in and out. Each of the scrimmages lasts half an hour and for the other 30 minutes, you have to walk or run.

San Pedro FC is good for anyone at any level you just need commitment and a ball. San Pedro FC is a chance to become stronger and more skilled in soccer. I suggest it very much to anyone that wants to be a soccer player. If there are any questions on practice or anything else here is the website. 

The Team