Valentine’s Day History


Valentine’s day is a holiday all about love and appreciation but do you know the actual history behind it?


Valentine’s day has loosely connected origins with a roman holiday called Lupercalia. But that isn’t confirmed so the closest thing we have are legends and stories about St. Valentine. Multiple sources are saying different things about St. Valentine. Some legends sound more convincing than others like one saying that he cured his lover of blindness. I don’t know how true that is but without modern medicine, I doubt that.                                                                                                         

    One legend about St. Valentine suggests that he was a priest who married couples in secret so that the men could be spared from going to war. The emperor forbid this because since wanted to gather all the men in the country to build the strongest army to prepare for war, which is one of the reasons St. Valentine was prosecuted. 


Another legend states that the reason for his persecution was that during the Persecution Of Christians, he helped Christians escape from harsh Roman Prisons. 


So it turns to be that the history of Valentine’s day is vaguer than you might have thought it would be. But history is never really exact, is it?

St. Valentine