A Guide to Fun in San Pedro

San Pedros First Thursday Event

San Pedro’s First Thursday Event

           Are you a San Pedro resident trying to find something new and local to do?  Here are some fun things to do with friends, family, or alone in the local San Pedro area. 

Coastal San Pedro

            Coastal Pedro has many little gems, like restaurants, lookout spots, parks, and playgrounds. 

               Walking along Paseo Del Mar will lead you to beautiful spots along the ocean. Some of my favorites are The Corner Store, Korean bell, Point Fermin Lighthouse/Park, and Cabrillo Beach and Aquarium. There are also many cafes and parks with beautiful views. 

          A perfect walk would be starting at the corner and walking along Paseo to the park, beach, or Korean Bell. Walking along the beautiful view is calming and enjoyable and within walking distance of snacks and meals.

   Central San Pedro

        On the other hand, central Pedro is known for its distinctive neighbors and cuisines. The neighborhoods in Pedro have unique houses from 200 years old to 2.


         These neighborhoods are perfect for long walks enjoying the fresh air and beautiful houses. And ending the day perfectly with a meal at one of our delicious restaurants. 


        Downtown Pedro has its annual First Thursday, held every first Thursday of each month. All the shops and restaurants Downtown are open late and the streets are blocked off. There are also many food trucks and small vendors along the streets. There are so many hidden gems intertwined in the unique architecture of these blocks. It’s perfect to walk into each little shop and grab some quick food in the light fashioned from the neon signs and street lights.


       So grab a jacket and walk through our small town and its beautiful natural views.