7th Grade Spirit Week

During the month of September the 7th grade advisories were in a contest where the winning advisory would win a donut party. If you didn’t already know, six of the seventh graders from each advisory would be challenged to 3 different challenges. The sixth graders from the previous week were challenged with a hula hoop challenge but this time the seventh graders were challenged with something very different. 

The first day in the seventh grade spirit week was for the water balloon toss. Catching and throwing a slippery water balloon might not be as easy as it seems. Because after 3 short rounds it was a roller coaster with the popping balloons and the disappointment of the losing teams. At the end of the challenges Mrs. Traylor’s advisory came out victorious. We were only able to interview one of the two winners. They thought that the hardest thing was the stress, and were very proud of themself that they won for their advisory.

The second day of the seventh grade spirit week was the tricycle race. The tricycle race is all about maintaining speed so your competitors don’t pass you. But it is incredibly hard to pedal, so you get why the tricycle race is a challenge for most. There were multiple rounds of struggle and victory. Some tricycles had a mind of their own and swerved out of control, but by the last round Mrs. Bologna’s advisory had won. 

The last day of the seventh grade spirit week was on Friday and the challenge was, the bouncy ball challenge. For this challenge you have to maintain balance on the ball and bounce your way to the finish line. After many rounds of the challengers going back and forth we finally got a winner. The winner for the bouncy ball challenge is, Mr. Salceda’s advisory. The winner of the 7th grade spirit week was announced on Monday during the morning announcements. The advisory that won the entire 7th grade spirit week was Mrs. Taylor’s advisory, winning them a donut party.