Don’t Miss a Beat- Music Recommendations

Trying to find new artists to listen to? Read this article!

Sometimes you get tired of the music you listen to. Or sometimes, you never had a big pallet for music in the first place. Or maybe you’re just looking for a way to expand your musical horizons. Whatever one of these is, you’re in the right place. In this article, I’ll tell you 5 artists blowing minds as we speak. Take a chance, listen to a few of their songs, and have fun with the tunes!

Artist #1: Will Paquin

Most Popular Song: Chandelier

Recommended Songs: In Two, Now You Know, Chandelier

Will Paquin is a very new musician to the scene, his first official release being in 2020. His first song released to Spotify was “Chandelier” which went viral on many platforms, including TikTok. The song has beautiful harmonics and an incredible picking pattern. His unique sound and masterful skill on the guitar make him stand out among other musicians. Since Chandelier, he has released 5 songs, all of which are entirely different but still incredible. No other guitarist I’ve listened to can compare to his riffs and rhythm. Check out Will Paquin!

Artist #2: Mac Demarco

Most Popular Song: Heart To Heart

Recommended Songs: Moonlight on The River, K, On The Square

Mac Demarco is very popular in the Indie scene and has been releasing music since 2009 with the mixtape “A New Record”. He’s had many songs go viral, most notably his song “Chamber of Reflection”, for its lonely feeling. His songs have an 80s feel, and he uses synthesizers to make the sound of them special to him. Most of his songs are slow and calm, perfect for relaxing to, but when he does upbeat, he does it well. His song “Freaking Out The Neighborhood” is full of energy and sounds incredible. Check out Mac Demarco!

Artist #3: Cage The Elephant

Most Popular Song: Cigarette Daydreams

Recommended Songs: Come A Little Closer, Spiderhead, Telescope

Cage The Elephant has multiple extremely famous songs and has been around for years. Their first release was in 2008 with the album “Cage The Elephant”. Yes, you read that right, their first album’s name was also the name of their band. Their music is full of energy and power, with lots of influence from classic rock and funk. You may even know one of their most popular songs from your childhood, their song “Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked” reached number 92 on Billboard’s top 100. The angsty song is nostalgic for those whose sister would play it nonstop when they were little. Check Out Cage The Elephant!

Artist #4: The Oh Hellos

Most Popular Song: Soldier, Poet, King

Recommended Songs: Where is Your Rider, Second Child Restless Child, Thus Always To Tyrants

If you’re looking for a REALLY different band, check out The Oh Hellos. They have one smash hit, the song “Solder, Poet, King” which has over 130 Million Streams on Spotify. The band is extremely unique, with a folk sound and the use of banjos and violins. Their songs are beautifully crafted and feel fantastical. If you’re into fantasy settings, their songs will make you feel like you’re on an adventure in some magical place. The vocals are provided by a brother-sister duo, both of which have incredible voices. The lyrics are full of beautiful imagery and metaphors and truly astonish even just to read. Check out The Oh Hellos!


Artist #5: Wallows

Most Popular Song: Are You Bored Yet? (Ft. Clairo)

Recommended Songs: Guitar Romantic Search Adventure, Pulling Leaves Off Trees, Only Friend

After years of boring pop songs (No offense if you like pop, that’s totally fine), Wallows are a refreshing new sound. With multiple incredibly popular songs like “Are You Bored Yet (Ft. Clairo)” and “Scrawny” you may already know the band. Their most popular song has 184 Million streams, and their first song was released in April 2017, the song being “Pleaser”. With Wallows you’ll get plenty of diverse songs. Their album “OK” has an electric feel, with more experimental sounds and effects. From that to their album “Nothing Happens”, an album full of emotion and nostalgia, there’s no range they can’t travel to. Many of their songs have an upbeat feel, even when the lyrics are full of loneliness and despair. Incredible mixing and great instrumentals from the band members, which include Brendan Lemasters, Dylan Minette, and Cole Preston, mixed with great lyrics and vocals, make for many incredible songs. There is no band out there that competes with Wallows in overall quality. Check Out Wallows!

Don’t have a closed mind when it comes to music; try a bit of every genre! And make sure you check out these incredible artists!