Upcoming Documentary: All of Those Voices


All Of Those Voices

          Remember everyone and their mother’s favorite boy band? The band so huge they were practically a household name. One Direction.

         Ever since their “break-up” in early 2016, the boys have gone on their independent path. All still perusing their musical talent and going on tours, selling out venues and arenas. Overall they each have been successful in their solo careers.

         In more recent times, our favorite Doncaster boy, Louis Tomilson has shared some exciting news.

         He has announced that he will be releasing a documentary called “All Of Those Voices”. The film is said to go through his life from One Direction and continue through his solo career. The documentary will be released on March 22, 2023 

       The news has excited all the old “Directioners” and fans of the other members. The mention of One Direction in the film has sparked further speculation of a reunion. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.


      I hope to see you enjoying the movie and hopefully a reunion.