What is Lent?


     Have you ever heard one of your religious friends talk about Lent or Ash Wednesday and wondered what they were talking about? Here is an explanation. 

             Lent is a 40-day-long period in Christan and Catholic religions to remember the events leading up to Easter. Lent starts on Ash Wednesday (Feb 22, 230 and ends on Maundy Thursday (Apr 6,230). During these 40 days, those participating in the religion do not eat meat on Fridays, give something up, and donate to charity. 

    For example, younger kids typically give up candy or junk food for this period. We do this to appreciate the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. If you cannot give something up, for these 40 days just be extra nice to everyone even strangers. 

     Lent represents the days leading up to Jesus’ death on the Friday after lent ends.  Then comes Easter, the third day when Jesus was resurrected. Easter Sunday is a celebration of Jesus’s resurrection. It is celebrated with differing traditions, like easter-egg hunts and Easter mass. These traditions all originated from Jesus’ resurrection, though some may not know. Hopefully, this article educates those about the reason we have Easter and the origins of these traditions.