Cites of the Future


Barack Obama once stated, “They say that we are the first generation to feel the impact of climate change and the last one that can do something about it”. This is very true because if we keep depleting our earth by cutting down trees, and overpopulation. Then our future might look bleak. Imagine if we had to wear gas masks because the air is toxic, there are no animals or trees, and the sky is gray every day. Climate change is a big problem in our world today. It is caused by the carbon emissions that our cars and other vehicles and those car emissions release greenhouse gasses that slowly warm the planet. That’s what these cities of the future are supposed to prevent. These three cities will hopefully provide a gateway into a cleaner better future. The Two future cities are Oceanix’s floating cities, Saudi Arabia’s Trojeana


City #1: The floating cities are to be completely self-sustainable and very buoyant. Under the city are vertical farms and a new technology aquaponics. Along with vertical farms and aquaponics, there are many other new technologies at work such as the city’s buoyancy and architecture. The architecture is supposed to fit with the there country theme. For example, if you are near japan or china then it will be a Japanese village. The City’s buoyancy is because the base is made of bamboo and wood these materials provide lots of buoyancy. The cities will also have community farms where everyone in the cities will work and it will also be a social spot. The community farm might also host farmer markets to share all the harvest. The citizens will have water vehicles to move around the city, although most of the town is walkable. Although floating cities are a very prosperous idea there are problems. Some of the problems are social if the apartments are too expensive then the rich will likely leave the land and leave the rest of the population to fight climate change. There are also emergency problems. As far as now there are no first responders in the city. This is not good because most of the town is made of wood and if anything catches fire, it will take a while for the first responders from land to come.


City #2:Trojeana will be a city of luxury and nature. The architecture will fold seamlessly into the landscape of the high Arabian peninsula. The landscape will provide many activities for the residents. There will be 7 areas and destinations these will include The Vault, The Lake, Ultra Luxury Mansions, the Ski village, The Observatory, The Bow, and The Wildlife Reserve. The Vault will be a futuristic vertical village that will be an architectural wonder. The Vault will be straight out of imagination. The Vault will offer bespoke experiences it will connect the digital and the real world and is supposed to be the “brain” of the city. Trojeana’s Ultra-luxury mansions will custom fit for their owners. The home will offer a transformative lifestyle and will be set in harmony with the encompassing landscape. The mansion will be designed by the world’s top architects. You will have panoramic views from the mansions of the lake and the surrounding mountains. The lake will be pioneering the future of man-made lakes. With precision on engineered steel and concrete to hold the lake in. It will provide stunning views of the water and the animals inside it. There will be serene walks and family fun including water sports like never seen before. The lake will be perfect for residents and tourists alike. Skiing and snowboarding will be here like never before. There will be many runs and adventures for people to do.  At night the ski village will turn into an elevated dining area,  stargazing, and entertainment. The wildlife reserve will boast a serene and secluded area and are full of untouched habitat and diverse wildlife. It is a pristine environment that is combined with augmented reality features. The observatory is the perfect place for stargazing and views. It is surrounded by heavenly star-lit skies at night. It also has entertainment and a pavilion and dining. A hidden world is the exact definition of the bow. It has large and adaptable spaces where you can host weddings and other big events. It also boasts art galleries, events, nightlife, and high-end residences. There is  advanced technology in the bow and a five-star hotel all in this water-embedded structure.


These cities of the future might just be our solution to the climate change problem. Even though there are only two cities in this story there are still many other cities pioneering their

way through this endless tunnel of smoke. And hopefully, together we can end climate change and never have to worry about it again.