Exclusive Interview with the Man Behind BSAP, Mr. Sims


Have you ever wondered what the BSAP program is here at Dana Middle School?  It stands for the Black Student Achievement Program This program was put into place throughout all of LA Unified to support black students’ road to high academic performance. If you don’t know, our Black Student Union (BSU) is located across from the cafeteria on the South side of the campus. To get to know more about the BSAP program, I got an exclusive interview with  Mr. Sims to tell us about The BSAP Program. 

 If you don’t know Mr. Sims, he is the School’s Climate Advocate and  works along, side with Mr. Fleming, Ms. Brown, our assistant principal, Ms. Richmond, Ms. Walar Mr. Eza.  ( find out tirls of these people)


      A typical day with Mr. Sims starts with Boy’s Group during advisory, Observation Intervention, Parent Meetings, BPIS meetings, and event planning. Let’s just say that he is a busy person! He also thinks the best benefit of having the BSAP program is bringing culture to school.  Mr. Sims likes to think of the BSAP program as Bringing swag to school or bringing coolness to school.  One of his favorite events that BSAP did was their Stock Presentation. There are 10 kids in the BSU and in BSAP there are 96 students. Those ten students help a lot. Like campanes and help plan events and Mr. Sims too. He helps them with homework and behavior. Mr. Sims’ favorite part of the BSAP program is watching the kids graduate and grow up. Mr. Sims said “Some people think that the BSU is just for black kids but it’s about the culture” A quote he lives by is “By any means necessary” So next time you see Mr. Sims say Hi, and we appreciate your hard work.