Dana Decides: Northern Cafe

Feeling tired of eating out but don’t want to cook? Northern Cafe is the place for you. Welcome to Dana Decides, where I, Niko Seiple, find, curate, and recommend the best restaurants San Pedro offers! 

Northern Cafe’s Interior

This month we’re checking out Northern Cafe, a Chinese takeout restaurant on Western. This Chinese restaurant is the perfect takeout location in Pedro, with delicious dumplings and other items. While dining in isn’t currently available, taking out food is just as enjoyable. You’ll forget that you were eating at home when you bit into that juicy dumpling. But let’s get to the good stuff. THE FOOD.

Orange Chicken

When I went I got orange chicken, lamb dumplings, juicy pork dumplings, and bok choy. The orange chicken is extremely flavorful and delicious, with a good crunch and amazing sauce in large amounts on the chicken. The real showstopper is the dumplings. The lamb dumplings are extremely juicy and flavorful, a bit tangier, but extremely yummy. If you’ve never had lamb before, it is a NECESSITY that you order the lamb dumplings. On the soup side of things, the juicy pork dumplings are incredible soup dumplings, not just juicy, but filled with soup. It seems like magic, but these dumplings are filled with


Juicy Pork Dumplings

delicious soup and steamed to perfection, with pork and a sweeter flavor. If you’re feeling like you need some vegetables, the bok choy is a great choice to add for the side, delicious and nutritious, filled with fiber and vitamins. It is no doubt that the food served at Northern Cafe is some of the best I’ve had in Pedro.

Customer service is extremely important when it comes to food, and a delicate art when it comes to takeout. Be sure to know that Northern cafe has great service, with short wait times and high quality. Worried the food will be cold? Don’t Be! The food is served in high-quality plastic containers that keep your food warm as long as you need it to be. The food is easily served in the containers if you want to stay as minimal effort as possible. All in all, Northern Cafe is a great place to go for takeout if you’re hungry in San Pedro!




How to eat a soup dumpling:

1-Pick up dumpling with chopsticks


2- Bite hole in wrapper

3-Tilt dumpling so soup goes into your mouth

4-Let cool and eat