Why is Saint Patrick’s Day Celebrated?


Have you ever wondered why Saint Patrick’s day is even celebrated? Saint Patricks Day is a Catholic holiday to celebrate the feast. St. Patrick was born in Roman Britain in the 4th Century and he got kidnapped and taken to Ireland as a slave. He escaped but soon came back. The reason he came back was to convert the Irish into Christianity. He was an inspiration and treasure to Ireland. He made and developed churches and many establishments for Ireland. He was an inspiration because legends and myths were made about him. St. Patrick died on March 17, and that’s why Saint Patrick’s day is celebrated on March 17th. Saint Patrick’s is mostly to celebrate religious services and large meals.

Saint Patrick’s day did not become a huge holiday until immigrants of Ireland expanded the celebrations. Boston, Chicago, and New York City were some of the earliest places to start parades and expand their celebrations of Saint Patrick’s day. The first parade ever was held in Boston in the year of 1737. When people think of Saint Patrick’s day now they will most likely think first of how people on this holiday wear green as the tradition. (Surprisingly, Blue used to be the theme color for Saint Patrick’s day until it was changed to green.) Irish and non-Irish people wear green on Saint Patrick’s day, because it has been a tradition that most people know.

Another thing I find interesting is why the leprechaun became a known thing for Saint Patrick’s day, and all of the other things like the 4 leaf clover. Leprechauns apparently became associated with a story that goes back to when the Danes invaded Ireland. The myths say that the Danes left the Leprechauns with their gold and wealth, and the Leprechauns hid their gold all around Ireland. The saying says that if you find the pot of the Leprechauns gold at the bottom and trick the Leprechauns you can keep the gold for yourself. We don’t exactly know how this legend came to appreciation and stories but the first story leprechauns ever appeared in was the story Echtra Fergusa maic Léti, in the 8th century CE.

Make sure to wear green this year for Saint Patrick’s day so you don’t get pinched!