The Fasting of Ramadan


Could you imagine not eating from dawn to dusk? Well, Muslims can. Because they do it every year for Ramadan. What is Ramadan though? Ramadan is the Muslim tradition of reflecting and getting closer to Allah (the Muslim name for God). Following the Lunar calendar Ramadan varies each year because the Muslim calendar is different from our normal calendar.


Now, Ramadan consists of fasting from dawn to dusk. But, why do they fast? It’s because fasting reminds Muslims to be thankful. It also helps them practice self-restraint. Along with fasting they also refrain from sexual activity and all forms of immoral behavior. Therefore any lies or bad deeds or intentions are just as bad as eating or drinking during the day.

But then the question comes How are they surviving if they’re not eating during the day? Well, once the sunset sets after prayer they have an iftar or a meal shared with friends and extended family. This meal usually begins with dates or apricots.  And to signify this some communities sound drums or ring bells.

Along with all the fasting, they also have to pray for several hours including the 5 additional prayers they have to do because of the 5 pillars. This can sometimes include the whole reciting of the Qur’an ( Muslim bible ). To accommodate this workdays are reduced in some Muslim-majority countries.

All in all, Ramadan is the  Muslim month of fasting. This is the month when Muslims practice restraint and atonement. With communal prayer and more Ramadan is a special time in the Islamic religion.