Can Journalism Survive the Hunger Games?



The following events are fictional. The Dana Anchor does not endorse violence in any form.


The Hunger Games. A dystopian trilogy of novels about a game. This isn’t a board game like Monopoly or Risk, it’s not a party game like charades or mafia. It is an annual game where 24 children from across the country are put into a massive arena where they must fight to the death. Naturally being children we have unbound curiosity and were wondering what would happen if Dana’s Journalism was put in the Hunger Games. To settle the debate we went to to find out once and for all who would emerge victorious if Dana’s Journalism was put into the Hunger Games.


The First Day. We all rise from these little tubes connecting the arena to the outside world. This is the Bloodbath, where sometimes up to half of the contestants are killed. Right off the bat, Sophia runs for some water and Lilly finds some sais. Ethan Zamudio kills Piper in the first blood of the Hunger Games. Stacy, Selma, and Natalia find a shovel, fishing bait, and fishing gear respectively. Rhys finds a bow and arrow while Andrew finds a sword. Soon more blood is spilled when Eli kills Meli, Valentina kills Indi and Anastasia, and Niko kills Zoe. After everyone begins to get settled there is a small break in the violence. During the break Sophia tended to Ethan’s wounds, Valentina got homesick, Selma received medical supplies from an unknown sponsor, and Andrew successfully fished. While this was happening Lilly was stalking Stacy and Rhys was busy killing Eli. As night falls on the arena three more are killed. Stacy kills Natalia, Niko kills Lilly, and Andrew kills himself. A cannon fires nine times, signifying the 9 killed on Day One. As the survivors begin to fall asleep they all wonder, “Will I be next?”

Eli Bashes Meli

Sophia Finds Water

The Second Day. At daybreak, Ethan and Selma team up to kill Valentina showing even in a game about death teamwork makes the dream work. However, in another section of the arena Sophia, Niko, and Rhys fight each other. Niko barely escapes but Sophia slays Rhys. Meanwhile, Stacy spears some fish for dinner. As the Sun sets on another day of death Niko cooks some food for dinner. In a continuation of their earlier teamwork Ethan and Selma discuss the games and are joined by Sophia. A cannon fires 2 times signifying Rhys and Valentina’s death. As Stacy tries to sleep she gets nightmares of the deaths of her former journalism friends.

Sophia Kills Rhys

The Third Day. While walking through the forest Stacy sprains her ankle and limps back to her shelter. Sophia makes great use of the resources by constructing a shack. Meanwhile, Selma thinks about her home and if she will ever see it again. Ethan searches for firewood to cook his dinner with while Niko fishes. The sun sets marking the end of the mellow day. This sense of inaction disappeared during the night when Niko chases a limping Stacy and kills her. At around the same time, Selma burns Sophia to death. The cannon fires twice. All of the contestants have been keeping track in their minds, they know that there are 3 of them left and that only one can win.

The Fourth Day. Ethan and Niko form a temporary uneasy alliance to try and find Selma. Ethan then tends to Nikos’ wounds. Selma meanwhile gathers food. The day ends with very little happening. At night Ethan sees Selma’s fire but stays hidden. Niko does not stay hidden and instead goes in for the kill. She is successful. The cannon fires once. The Fifth Day. Niko gets medical supplies from a sponsor, while Ethan attempts to fish but can’t catch anything. As she gets tired Niko thinks of being declared the victor. Ethan tends to wounds he sustained earlier in the games. For the first time in the Games, the cannon does not fire. The Sixth Day. Niko gets homesick and desperately wants to leave the arena. Our other potential victor Ethan receives medical supplies from a sponsor. Again night falls with no blood being spilled. Ethan tries to treat his wounds with the medical supplies he received earlier. Niko stays up all night worrying about what could happen.

Ethan Sees Selma’s Fire

The Seventh Day. Ethan wakes up early and tracks down Niko. While Niko is still sleeping Ethan quickly kills her. A voice booms through the arena. “WE HAVE A VICTOR” Ethan is quickly extracted from the arena and his wounds are treated. The debate is over. If Dana Journalism was put into the Hunger Games Ethan Zamudio would emerge victorious. Now Ethan can brag that he is a Victor. Who will be crowned Victor next year?