Keep Calm and Eat Nougat!


Nougat. Most of us know that creamy, stretchy, delicious candy. For those who don’t know what it is. Nougat is a fluffy, aerated confection made of sugar, honey, and egg whites found in candy bars such as Milky Way, Reese’s Fast Break, Snickers, Double Decker, ZERO, and Baby Ruth. But do you know where it originates? Nougat was first founded in the 10th century in Baghdad. 

Even though you may not have heard of this sweet, it is popular! Many places, such as Italy, France, Spain, and the Middle East, love nougat. Nougat is used in many ways. It can be as nougat, in a candy bar, or even as a topping for your Friday night dessert. But when is the right time to eat nougat? Well, March 26 is national nougat day. Nougat is celebrated because it is a tasty treat and has a place in people’s hearts.