High School Programs


Do you know what high school you will attend after middle school? There are many exciting programs that you can apply for depending on what you enjoy. San Pedro High School offers many opportunities. Other schools such as Harbor Teacher Prep, CAMS, and POLAH offer many opportunities. Of course, there are many other options for high schools, but these are some of the most popular ones.

San Pedro High School offers many programs. Their programs include Gifted STEAM Magnet, VAPA(visual and performing arts), Marine Science Magnet, Police Academy, and SAS(Studies for advanced students). There is also a SPECA program that allows you to take college courses while in high school. Other high schools like POLAH, CAMS, and Harbor Teacher Prep offer AP or advanced placement classes. So if you like to challenge yourself then the AP classes are a good option.

Of course, you’ve got to pick what is best for yourself. There are many good opportunities in different high schools. If you want to learn more about the programs a certain school offers you can always go to their website and check it out.