Social Media Throughout the Years

Social Media is a big part of people’s everyday life, but did you know it wasn’t always like that? Could there have been other social media platforms before Myspace? Well to answer that last question Myspace was not the first social media. The first social media platform was launched in 1997 and is called Six Degrees. Six Degrees is your basic messaging website that only lasted from 1997 to 2000. 


The next social media platform launched in May of 2003, Linkedin, was used to find employment and internships. Linkedin was bought by Microsoft in 2016 and can still be used today. 


The next social media platform is very well known and of course, is Myspace which launched in August 2003. This later influenced social media and started losing popularity in 2009 when competing platforms started gaining popularity.


In 2004 Facebook was launched. Facebook was a very popular app/website that many people used in 2008 when it surpassed Myspace in popularity.


Just 2 years later in 2006, Twitter came out. Twitter is most known for its tweet system where you post a tweet that people can view.


And a year after that in 2007, Tumbler came into the picture. Tumbler is widely known for its microblogging and its popularity in the early 2010s.


In 2010 one of the most popular social media platforms today came: Instagram. 


Snapchat was launched 2 years later in 2012 and despite popular belief was the first app to introduce stories.


Many of these apps are still used and are a part of people’s everyday routines. From this, we can see that social media has evolved and shaped a lot throughout the years, from regular messaging to complex filters, videos, and more.