First Thursday for Beginners

Looking for something fun to do in Pedro? Here’s a guide to First Thursday!

If you’ve lived in Pedro your whole life, you probably know that the first Thursday of every month is a special event. Foodtrucks, lights, merchant stands, and much more all come out once a month, as well as people. The place where all this happens? Downtown Pedro, on or around 6th street. You’ll know if you’re there if you see that there are lights hung up above the streets. This area is a beautiful place with great restaurants and tons to do. Even when it’s just an average day you can have a great time in Downtown Pedro. But, on the first Thursday of every month, people from all over the community come together in Downtown Pedro to have a great time. Many businesses have special performances and musicians come to entertain, people set up tables with unique items for sale on the streets, and tons of different trucks come chock full of great food. If it’s your first time at First Thursday, it may seem a little overwhelming. There tends to be a lot of people filling the streets, and it’s easy to get turned around, or not know where to go. But here’s a guide to have a great First Thursday.  

Step #1: Food

The foundation for a good time is to make sure you’re not starved. Many of the restaurants get filled up with customers, so if you’re gonna wait for a table you should make it worth it. Some great restaurants to go to are Niko’s Pizzeria, San Pedro Brewing Co., Ko-Ryu Ramen, and Calaveras. There’s a restaurant for any pallet, Italian, Greek, American, Japanes, Mexican, it’s all up to preference. Make sure to check restaurant availability for the night, and if possible even try to get a reservation. If you don’t want to sit down for food, there are always food trucks with different cuisines, but they tend to vary. A general rule is, if you see a truck with no line yet, don’t wait, go now. Lines tend to fill up quicker than water in a glass. If you don’t want to spend time on food, eat at home.


Step #2: Entertainment

First Thursday is full of music. A different band may be playing at every restaurant. If you want to hear great music, try going to San Pedro Brewing Co. Local bands play incredible music, and you can support them through tips. The gym HeyDay also sometimes has bands playing out of their space. Certain artists will be playing independently on steps and in parking lots, but don’t underestimate them. A gem can be hidden anywhere. Social life is also thriving at First Thursday, and don’t be afraid to talk to the locals. Invite your friends and hang out at the shops, bring your family, and have a great time.

Step #3: Shopping

There is a LOT of stuff to buy at First Thursday. Not only are there tons of thrift stores and shops on 6th street and around, but people set up specific booths just for the night. If you’re walking on the sidewalk you’ll tend to pass by plenty of cool tables. Stop and check them out. You can get anything from handmade jewelry to candy apples with superheroes on them. Many of the stores are open on First Thursday, so if you want a break from the noise, go inside a thrift shop and check out what they have. There are also multiple record stores, just be sure to keep your records safe from breaking or scratching while you’re having fun. Overall have a great time, and try not to go broke! Window shopping is just as fun, and doesn’t empty your pockets.

And that’s the beginners guide to fun on First Thursday! Remember to stay safe, keep your belly full, and have a great time!