AAUW TECH TREK (Featuring Interviews With Yours Truly: Celia Corrales and Sophia Taylor)

   If you’re part of the 7th grade STEAM magnet you might’ve heard the rumors of the stay-away science camp. Well, that science camp is an all-girls camp called “Tech Trek.” This camp focuses on STEM and allows you to spend 7 days at local college campuses, learning more about these topics through fun activities and field trips! The coolest part of it all is that some of your classmates here at DANA get nominated each year and some are lucky enough to be accepted and be a part of it! I will interview the students who are joining the upcoming 2023 camp courses to ask how they’re feeling, any tips they’d like to display for any incoming sixth graders, any advice in general, and expectations for the upcoming summer experience! 

                                       Tech Trek’s Official Logo and Design

   The first person I interviewed was Sophia Taylor, when asked if she had any tips she responded,” If they want to go to this camp they should do well in their studies since they are a STEM camp and focus on science, technology, engineering, and math.” Some advice Sophia had for the interviews was just to be yourself and don’t lie about who you are, as they are looking for someone who will enjoy their activities not someone who is going to act all professional. Her expectations aren’t high as she is just excited to be able to attend the camp on a college campus and get to be a part of the camp with other girls and meet new people. 


   I then went on to interview one more student named, Celia Corrales and asked similar questions which were: “How do you feel after getting in, do you have any advice for incoming 6th graders, what should a student do doing their interview, as well as what are your expectations?” To these questions, she responded,” I feel good, be confident about what you’re saying and have a good essay, be assertive and confident, and I expect to have fun and have more experiences.” 


     These candidates had to go through a series of getting nominated, creating an essay, and going through an interview with tough competition so let’s give up for them! And, if you’re a sixth grader and this sounds like something you’d like to do, make sure you’re on the lookout next year and keep your grades high to be the next one exploring and uncovering the wonders of STEM.