Sculpture of Euthanized Walrus Freya Unveiled in Norway


Freya, a walrus that became a celebrity in 2022 after photos of it basking in a Norwegian fjord went viral. Unfortunately on the 13th of August 2022, Freya was shot and killed by Norwegian officials from the Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries, enraging many animal rights activists.


The sculpture of Freya, created by Norwegian artist Astri Tonoian was unveiled last Saturday at a marina close to where the actual Freya could be seen basking throughout 2022. The statue was financed by a crowdfunding campaign which according to the Norwegian news agency NTB garnered more than $25,000 by October 2022.


Although Freya was a popular attraction among Norwegian residents, Norwegian authorities made the decision to euthanize her because people hadn’t followed recommendations to stay a safe distance away from the animal.


Freya’s story is a sad one for many animal lovers. However, this sculpture allows animal lovers to still remember her story, forever immortalizing her.