8th grade Merch!

        8th grade Steam Magnet is selling merch for sale. They are selling crewnecks, t-shirts, and hoodies. They have white and black options for every piece of clothing with a cool design that has different images in each of the letters of S T E A M! The pricing is reasonable, the t-shirts are 18$, Crewnecks are 25$  and hoodies are also 25$. 

   They also have just come out with the 8th grade merch as well. They have a longer design than the 8th grade merch but they are just as appealing to represent your school plus they are just cute shirts! The pricing for these ones are also similar but the hoodies are 5 dollars more. Please consider buying or telling your friends about these shirts and hoodies that are for sale! The 8th graders will really appreciate it.