8th Grade PBL Final Showcase


On May 3rd at 5 pm in Dana Middle School the top five finalists in 8th-grade magnet got to present their projects and presentations to the many families. All the roller coasters from the 8th-grade magnet PBL project were set up all over the main building’s first floor. Not only that but some of our 8th graders made a skit and presented it before the presentations based on our troubles and struggles during this project. Another student rapped for us as well. After that incredible show, we got to watch the presentations of our top five finalists. During the middle of presentations, they would give out other awards.  After our judges, Mr. Donohoe and Mrs. Crow chose which was the best out of all of them. It was the final night of PBL for these 8th graders in Dana Middle School and there were many amazing roller coasters up on display.