Binge-Worthy Shows To Watch This Summer

Are you looking for a show to watch this summer? Something with good vibes, good acting, and good storylines? Look no further, as I give you, the ultimate Summer Binge-Watch guide. I’ll tell you the show, the plot, and why it’s summer binge-worthy. Let’s get into it!

Show #1: Community

Number of Seasons: 6

Cast Rating: 9.5/10

Writing: 10/10

Genre: Comedy

ary: Community is a show about a group of community college students who are all a bit strange. The main character, Jeff, is a former lawyer who got his license taken away after it was discovered he faked his law degree. Now back in community college to get a legitimate one, he joins a Spanish study group full of strange characters. An outdated old man, a soft-spoken mother, a self-righteous environmentalist, a quirky filmmaker a genius high school dropout, and a failed athlete. Together they go on many wacky adventures in their underfunded community college.

Why is it Summer Binge-worthy?: Community has six seasons full of hilarious adventures, and a charming cast you will never get bored of. The characters are flawed, but not unlovable, and actually very charming. The writing is never stale, and the jokes are never cliche. Special episodes keep you on your toes, and your brain buzzing. 

Binge Score: 9/10

Show #2: Degrassi The Next Generation

Number of Seasons: 14

Cast Rating: 7/10

Writing: 4/10

Genre: Teen Drama

Summary: The students of Degrassi high make their way through the years, facing troubles at home, at school, with their peers, bullying, fighting, drama, friendships, romance, and so much more. The students are played by actual teenagers, making it feel very authentic. The cast varies as the show spans over ten years, with 85 characters If you don’t like one character, don’t worry! There are plenty more. Writing is usually pretty lighthearted, but topics get very dark. Degrassi, it goes there. Kind of like an extremely watered-down version of Euphoria.

Why is it Summer Binge-worthy?: Degrassi is the perfect show to get you prepared for high school. Don’t take that the wrong way, Degrassi is extremely dramatic and probably pretty unrealistic, but it still has a lot of good messages. Make sure you take everything with a grain of salt. It also has many seasons, making it perfect for binging.

Bing Score:7/10


Show #3: Teen Wolf

Number of Seasons: 6

Cast Rating: 8/10

Writing: 3/10

Genre: Teen Fantasy Action Drama

Summary: Scott McAll is an unremarkable teenager. He can’t make the lacrosse team, he can’t get a girlfriend, he can’t get straight A’s. But one fateful adventure to the woods with his best friend, Stiles Stilinski, changes his life forever. Stiles is caught by his dad, Scott is left alone in the woods, and his asthma acts up. He trips and gets bitten by something that looks like a wolf. The next day he discovers strange things are happening to his body. He’s superhumanly strong, fast, and athletic, he can hear things he shouldn’t be able to hear, and even more weird things. After a day of strange happenings, he discovers he’s a werewolf. The next years of his life are full of enemies, friends, girlfriends, death, love, resurrection, and magic, all while navigating high school.

Why is it Summer Binge-Worthy?: Teen Wolf is so full of stories that you will never get bored. The writing may be downright stupid at times, but it never fails to entertain. One specific season, however, is of actual quality. Season 3B is enough reason to watch the whole series. Another big reason is Dylan O’Brien, an incredibly charming actor. His character, Stiles, brings life to the plot. There’s also good LGBTQ representation. Overall, a bad show with good highlights.

Binge Score: 8/10

Show #4: New Girl

Number of Seasons: 6

Cast Rating: 10/10

Writing: 8/10

Genre: Sit-Com

Summary: Jess, an elementary teacher fresh out of a badly ending relationship, finds a place to stay with 3 strange men. A bartender who acts much older than he is, a womanizer who works at a marketing firm, and a former basketball player with peculiar interests. With the help of her new roommates and her best friend Cece, a model, she finds a new life and new friends. She also finds her way into many strange and funny situations that make that journey difficult.

Why is it Summer Binge-Worthy?: New Girl is full of heart. A sitcom is a perfect binge show, as it stays light and fun, without getting boring. The jokes are witty and fresh, and the acting feels very natural. The chemistry on the show in many different relationships all keep you engaged, and you care for the characters. At its    heart its a show about love and life, between friends, and romance. These all make it a great binge-watch.

Binge Score: 10/10


So, now you have a list of shows to watch, which you can pick and choose from based on their content. Each show is different, but all worth your time. Don’t spend all your time inside though, make sure to get out of your house once in a while and touch some grass. New Girl will still be waiting when you get back.