Every year 1/3rd of Dana leaves for high school, 1/3rd of the school becomes 8th Graders, 1/3rd of the school becomes 7th Graders, and we welcome a new 1/3rd of 6th Graders. What results is a never-ending cycle of replacing students with new ones. But in this never-ending cycle, we notice something. Rebirth. Every 3 years Dana is completely reborn in terms of students. Each of these students will leave their mark on Dana and society, be it a positive or negative mark.

The New 1/3rd

In August about 500 new 6th Graders will enter Dana. This 1/3rd will each enter Dana with hopes of new possibilities. These hopes are not unfounded. While reminiscing about their 6th Grade year many students will remember getting lost in Dana. Getting lost represents the uncertainty of the future. The unpredictability of where it will take you. The Dana Anchor wishes nothing but the best for our incoming 6th Graders.

Moving Up

Everyone remembers their first day of 6th Grade, no one remembers their first day of 7th Grade. This is because in the grand scheme of things, 7th Grade is irrelevant. It’s neither the first nor last year of middle school. It is simply a bridge between 6th and 8th Grade. However, in life, it is those insignificant moments in which people’s true selves rise to the surface. Without the distraction of actual fun stuff happening, we get to see people in a relative vacuum. Something rarely found in the vast expanse of life. We wish our upcoming 7th Graders nothing but boredom.

The Final Year

As our current 7th Graders become 8th Graders they will learn one important lesson. 8th Grade will be their middle school year of lasts. Last first day of middle school. Last last day of middle school. As Geoffrey Chaucer said, “All good things must come to an end.” So don’t worry, eventually, you will be saved from middle school.

Moving On

Now as our 8th Graders leave for high school, they breathe a sigh of relief and think to themselves, “YES! Middle school is finally over.” To which we reply, “Don’t worry, you have 4 more years of torture ahead of you. It’s called high school.

It Never Stops

So as you refresh your mind on this upcoming summer vacation just remember, the cycle always continues.