Open House Preparations


With the open house rapidly approaching our school, teachers and students scurry to prepare for this significant occasion. Each class will display the work that students have learned all year to the parents. This open house is no joke. 


From an interview with an anonymous dance student, I have all the inside scoop on what the dance team is putting together. Mrs. Kercher has created a, “Dance through the decades,” with all the decades from the 1920s to the 2000s (with the exception of the 30s) and little skits in between. In total, there will be at least 10 dances with a few special ones. 


The journalism team will also participate in this routine with custom newspapers for one of the skits. We will also be handing out these newspapers for everyone to read.


The stage design class will be really creating a show of these different routines with the lights cues and other behind-the-scenes work.


Mrs. Centifanti and her art class are putting up the best pieces to represent the talented artists at this school.


Many more classes will also be showing their student’s work!


REMINDER: Open House is on Thursday, the 25th of May.