The Dance Team


The dance team performs about once in one or two months; they are spectacular every time they do it. They all do crazy things in sync It is super satisfying to watch everyone loves it. But have you ever wondered how some of these dancers do it, how long they have been dancing, or if it is stressful? Well, this article interviews them about their history of dancing, how many dances they have performed here, and much more. 

They had to work hard in advanced dance, they practiced dances during 6th period every day and some days after school. And it takes about two months to put together a dance. That brings us to the next question do they have to be physically fit they said “You don’t have to be super strong but pretty fit”. They also said, “that some of the dances are physically testing”. We also asked them if it was hard to get into an advanced dance they said “If you try hard enough you can do it”.

Next, we asked how long they had been dancing. They said, “They started when they were 8 but then quit a while after and started dancing at Dana again”. They have now performed 10 dances for Dana. The who team also really enjoys dancing and but it is stressful because it was a harder dance. The whole team wants to keep dancing and hopefully have a future filled with dancing.