High School Clubs in San Pedro

   With 8th-grade graduation approaching comes the anxiety of joining a new school and choosing clubs, hopefully, this article can help prepare you for this upcoming fall semester and help make it more stress-free.

   In San Pedro, our local high school known as “San Pedro High” is home to the pirates and has a fascinating field of clubs for its upcoming students and current students! This includes photography and film clubs, dance clubs, sailing clubs,  (perfect for pirates!) spike ball clubs, lego clubs, etc. But, best of all this isn’t even half of the clubs SPHS students have put together, if you’d like to learn more visit their website at San Pedro High School and check under the category “clubs” to get a more widespread view on what they can offer at both campuses!

   At “Port of Los Angeles High School” also known as “Polahs” down in Downtown San Pedro clubs are a great way to become more involved in their school! This is why they have much to offer with clubs such as drama clubs, book clubs, debate classes, and a pre-med get-together! If you are interested in any of the clubs listed visit POLAH’S Official Website to learn more about schedules and other activities! 

    “Mary Star of the Sea” they have clubs of all sorts and categories, you name it they have it! This makes students feel more included and clubs are an easy way to get to know people and make new friends! Just a few examples include archery clubs, choir, tennis, robotics, and sea scouts. Visit  “Mary Star of the Sea’s”  website to gain more knowledge about the fun hobbies at play at this private school that you can add to your school day!

   Joining a club can enhance your high school experience and make you meet some amazing people! This article showcases just a few of the many high schools surrounding San Pedro, though there are many more! If you’re interested in discovering other schools make sure to talk to a teacher or research schools in your area to find one that fits your interests and check out their clubs!