The Night of the Decade


Open house is one of the most important times of the school year. With every class showcasing their work, performances from students, parents, and students roaming around the school, and food trucks, what’s not to enjoy? This year Dana celebrates its open house on May 25th and it was an amazing night. Throughout the hall’s displays from the 7th Grader’s Mini PBL Project, Mrs.Centofanti’s art class displayed some of their amazing artwork, and Mrs.Lavia hosted a library display as well. Outside on the north field, fun activities for kids to enjoy were displayed across the field. With stomp rocks and tricycles the setup was fun. Dana’s flag team performed as well.

But the star of the night was the performance by Dana’s Dance team, “Granny’s Closet” This dance featured the dances of the decades in a fun and entertaining way. It was a joy for everyone in the audience and was one of the best performances hosted by Dana’s dance team. Mrs.Kearcher put a lot of effort into the Dances of the Decades and showcased the amazing talents of all the dancers. Throughout the performance, we travel through the different decades of the 1900s and the dances revolved and themed around those times.

Many appearances from teachers were seen through the show, from teachers such as Mr.Seiple, Mrs.Traylor, and Mr.Enright. Even Mr.Donohoe participated in this stunning performance. But although the performance was the star of the night it is important to highlight the behind-the-scenes. The stage crew did an amazing job working the lights and transitions between the different dances. Even our journalism team made something for this event. If you haven’t seen it already, the school newspaper, The Dana Anchor, released a newspaper theme in the 1940s with many articles highlighting teachers through funny situations. If you would like to read the newspaper shown, a pdf version is available. Click this link to read it: Dana Anchor Newspaper

Overall this night was an amazing success and was an amazing experience. A big thank you to our staff, teachers, and students for making it a night to remember.