The Man Behind the Morning Announcements

Have you ever wanted to know more about the voice you hear everyday on the morning announcements? We scheduled an interview with Mr. Donohoe, and learned some interesting facts we want to share. Here is the backstory! Mr Donohoe attended the University of Kansas with a major in broadcasting and journalism. When he was younger he believed that he would grow up to be a Hollywood screenwriter. That might explain why his morning announcements are full of life with all of the cool music in the background!

He then was a Travel Operation Director where he got to travel all over the world exploring new places and cultures! After that he decided to go into education.  Before he was a principal, he was an English teacher. When asked why he wanted to become a principal, he stated that  he wanted to help change an entire school for the better. We would say he is well on his way!


It was fun getting to know more about Mr. Donohoe. We found out he has some pretty strong opinions about his snacks! His favorite pie is pecan, accompanied with vanilla ice cream. We learned that he doesn’t have much of a sweet tooth and would rather have a savory snack, such as chips. We also asked the dreaded question. Does. Pineapple. Belong. On. Pizza? 


“Pineapple on pizza should be a crime and it should be banned” stated Mr. Donohoe Though some of you might disagree, it just gives us a little more insight about our principal!


When it comes to Halloween we asked a few questions such as plans for costumes. Some ideas he has are a cowboy, jedi, robot, and a vampire. We can’t wait to see what he decides!

 He recommends watching his favorite scary movie, which is Nightmare on Elm Street (Rated R).


Our interview with Mr. Donohoe led us into finding out more about our principal that we would like to share.


Here are some more fun facts!

Favorite subject in school; ENGLISH

Favorite color; EMERALD GREEN

Favorite celebrity; PATRICK MAHOMES