Dana Decides: Ko-Ryu Ramen

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Pork Bao Buns from Ko-Ryu Ramen

Niko Seiple

Pork Bao Buns from Ko-Ryu Ramen


     Have you ever been searching for a restaurant to go to, but can’t find one close AND delicious? Well look no further! Welcome to Dana Decides, where I, Niko Seiple, decide what restaurants are delicious enough for the Dana population!

Reviewer Niko Seiple At Ko-Ryu Ramen (Tobias Seiple)

Some view restaurants as simple locations where you go and eat a nutrient rich meal. In truth, restaurant creation is an art within itself. From the atmosphere to the food, there are so many factors that go into making a dining experience enjoyable. One restaurant that makes going out to eat fun is Ko-Ryu Ramen, a local ramen restaurant located on 6th Street in downtown San Pedro. After a delicious meal there, where I had their signature Koi Ramen, Garlic Edamame, and Pork Bao Buns, I can decide that this restaurant is definitely worth your time. The edamame was bursting with flavor, and not too filling. The pork bao buns were chopped pork topped with cabbage in a soft, cloud-like bao bun. They were easy to eat with my hand, and complete heaven. I ordered the Koi Ramen, one of the signature dishes of Ko-Ryu Ramen. The noodles were a good firmness, and soaked up the delicious broth. The soup toppings included bamboo, pork, green onion, and egg.

Koi Ramen from Ko-Ryu Ramen (Niko Seiple)

The combination of flavors perfectly balanced the flavorful broth, and the creamy egg’s slight sweetness contrasted beautifully with the pork. In Japanese culture, slurping your noodles is a sign of enjoyment, and I was definitely slurping up my food. The interior of the building gives a casual cafe feel to the restaurant, which I enjoyed. The service is quick and high quality, with very polite waiters that make you feel at home. If you want to prove your bravery, they offer a Ko-Ryu spicy challenge, where you have to finish a bowl of spicy ramen. They have levels 1 through 20 in spiciness, and if you get level 20, you achieve free toppings for life. That’s right, FOR LIFE, and that’s not all. Along with your free toppings, you get a picture on their wall of legends. Overall, Ko-Ryu gives a fun experience and a great meal. Dana Decided, Ko-Ryu ramen is a go-to local spot, a definite MUST TRY.