Staff Destroys Students in Kickball Game


Students reach for ball (Andrew Cardenas)

Staff catches ball
(Eli Tillmann)

In a lunchtime kickball game on the 16th of September staff won by a massive margin against the students. The Staff team got 8 points to the students 1 point. Some notable members of the staff team included Ms Kearcher, Mr Long, Mr Simms, Mr Lopez and Mr Olguin. Meanwhile, on the student team, we estimate there to have been approximately 20-30 players. 


There were 2 innings, the top of the inning the teachers were up to kick. They scored 4 points. Then the students were up to kick they only scored one pity point. Then the teachers got them out fast and were up to boot again. They again destroyed the students scoring four points. After the fourth point, the bell rang and the game was over. This was a massive surprise to many students as a poll we conducted showed that 80% of students polled thought students would win. But some were glad that the teachers won because students usually crush them.