Buckle Up and Enjoy the Ride

8th Grade PBL Highlights



Most of you know that for an 8th-grade magnet student, you have to build and design a working roller coaster. Our 8th-grade students have started working on their rollercoasters!

Collaboration is a big part in Project Based Learning, also known as PBL! Collaboration is  ESPECIALLY important because you work in teams for the entire project. On the first project day, students had to complete a challenge and build the tallest standing tower made out of pipe cleaners. You had to work together so you  could successfully build the tower as a team. There were some challenges and rules! For example,you could only  use one hand and  you could not talk to each other. Niko Seiple, a student who is part of the eighth grade magnet said, “Building with the pipe cleaners was  difficult, but fun.” The 8th graders also built part of their roller coaster with templates. It is like the practice roller coaster where everyone does it individually. Lucy Nuno, another 8th grade student, stated “I like this project better than the others, it’s more of a hands-on activity.”  These hands-on activities are part of the learning process. Team work is essential!

To build a roller coaster you have to have at least 2 elements like a loop and curve.


For the 8th graders, not only will they build and test their roller coasters, but they will also go to Knott’s Berry Farm to compete with other schools. There are many various awards and last year, Dana won 1st and 3rd place awards!

We also get to experience our project! Before the competition, you get to ride as many roller coasters as you want at Knott’s Berry Farm.  Stay tuned for monthly updates on the PBL process as our 8th graders build and create their rollercoasters!