Local History: The Dana Murals

Dana Mural:South PE gym (photo taken: 9/10/22)
Dana Mural:South PE gym (photo taken: 9/10/22)


     San Pedro is full of history and it so happens that the mural at Dana middle school has some interesting historical landmarks included!  So what does it mean?

If you haven’t noticed, Dana is full of new artwork! One that stands out the most is the Dana mural against the South P.E. gym that was painted in the summer of 2022 ! Have you really looked at it? It is full of amazing artwork that represents San Pedro. One historical piece of the artwork that is featured is the Harbor Lighthouse.

Harbor Lighthouse

Lighthouses were and are used to warn mariners of rocky coasts, dangerous shallows, and help vessels safely into and out of harbors. They may also have fog horns which are used to inform boats of other vessels during foggy weather. The Harbor Lighthouse, also known as the Angels Gate was built in 1913. That means it was first built 109 years ago. This particular lighthouse can be found in San Pedro’s break water in Los Angeles Harbor. The Angel’s Gate is a 69 foot tall beacon that shines an emerald light. From the age of the Angel’s Gate, so much history and stories have come from this lighthouse. Speaking of stories, there is a story about this lighthouse that starts on a dark night where the keeper is disrupted while a battle ship crashes into the breakwater causing a tremendous shake in the night. The keeper saves the ship, letting it leave with only a few scratches.

Korean Bell

Another interesting piece of art included in the mural is the Korean Bell!

The Korean Bell is an intricately decorated bell, donated in 1976 by the Republic of Korea to celebrate the bicentennial of the U.S. independence, honor veterans of the Korean War, and to consolidate traditional friendship between the two countries.The Korean Bell is located at the corner of Gaffey and 37th street In San Pedro.