Dana Leadership Anchored!


Have you ever wondered what leadership does behind the scenes? Leadership is a great elective that focuses on school, community,
and service. They are the reason we all have fun events and candy grams at Dana. Leadership looks like a lot of fun..which it is, but they are working hard behind the scenes, where they plan and organize events! One event you might have seen already is Dana’s Spirit Week at lunch a few weeks back. Candy grams, parties, and events are all because of Leadership. 

     Leadership is a very student-directed based class, led by Ms. Kaercher. I had the pleasure of sitting in the leadership class and watching the class get to work!  The students in leadership are all so kind and welcoming. It’s a very fast-paced class where students are getting all the events ready in just 1 period. Each person has a role and they are independent and organized. They get things done quickly with time left over as well. 

     Leadership is the heart of the school and events, it’s what keeps the school fun! They work on making the school better and more exciting! “ Leadership is one of the best electives”, states Giuliana Sabatino, the 7th Grade Class President. “ I like the work and helping out!” “This elective helps to better the school and to be a leader to our peers,” says Arianny Sanchez. After asking the leadership students what their favorite thing about leadership was, the majority of the answers were, to better the school, to be a part of the community, to help out, and improving the school.

The next time we have a fun event at Dana, just know, leadership was probably behind the scenes making it happen!