The Wonders of The Library: Answered?


doors opening


      Anyone who goes to Dana Middle School has probably heard about the library and I’m sure you probably have some unanswered questions about it by now.  I went to the library to interview the librarian “Mrs. Lavia” so that those questions can get an answer!  If you haven’t already met Mrs. Lavia,  this will be a great way to get to know a little more about her.

Mrs. Lavia At The Dana Middle School Library!  Photographed by: Andrew Cardenas



      Mrs. Lavia is the wonderful librarian at Dana Middle School and I bet you’ve probably wondered what made her want to be a librarian, and you will finally get to know.  When Mrs. Lavia used to be an English teacher and she would take her students to the library, she found that she was able to help them right away and she knew where everything was.  And I’m so glad she became a librarian because she does a marvelous job at it now!

     An additional question that I asked Mrs. Lavia that also tells you a little bit more about her was  “Where did she grow up?”  Mrs. Lavia replied,”I grew up in Long Beach so I’m kind of a local.”  Isn’t that cool?

Since Mrs. Lavia is a librarian she must have read a lot of books right?  But out of all the books she’s read, who is her favorite author?  That is one of the questions I asked, turns out Mrs. Lavias favorite author is Angie Thomas!


     To go along with the last question I asked Mrs. Lavia what her favorite genre of books is, which is mysteries and realistic dramas!


     This question could be considered to be a big debated question.  The question that I asked  Mrs. Lavia  was if she was more of a cat person or more of a dog person? If you thought she was a dog person you’d thought wrong! Mrs. Lavia says,”Cats all the way.”  And I definitely agree with her.  Which one do you prefer?   

     The question following that one could be considered to be an even bigger debated question.  Can you guess what it is?  The question asked was if Mrs. Lavia liked pineapple on pizza.  She responded with,“Uhm, no thanks.”  I think we can definitely tell from that response that she does not like pineapple on pizza.  Sorry to the pineapple pizza lovers, but Mrs. Lavia’s going to have to miss out on this one. 


       The next question I asked might be shocking to some of you.  Have you ever wondered about how much money it took to make the whole library?  Well you’ll definitely be surprised when I tell you it took approximately about $73,000 dollars to build the library you now know and love.  Just the furniture cost 13,000 dollars.  Who would’ve thought?  Now that still leaves $60,000 dollars, can you guess what it was spent on?  Well, the school has spent over  $60,000 on books so that the students at Dana Middle School can enjoy and have a variety of different types of books to read and learn from.  Isn’t that sweet? 


     Sometimes the library could be a little bit too crowded or too loud when it’s really busy, and maybe you’ve been trying to find out when the best  time to go to the library is when you can read quietly and peacefully but you just can’t figure it out,  this might help you out When I asked  Mrs. Lavia when the best time to visit the library was, she said that the best time to go is before or after school.  That is when the library is the least crowded and the least noisy.  


     Since Halloween is coming up I asked Mrs. Lavia if she was going to decorate the library for the fall season or for Halloween, she replied with,”Yes I love creepy seasonal surprises so there will be some coming up for the library.”  I hope you’re just as excited as I am to see what she has planned.  What kind of decorations do you think Mrs. Lavia will put up?  The possibilities are endless!


     During October I know I watch a lot of horror movies to get into the scary Halloween mood and there are a lot of great scary movies so I asked Mrs. Lavia what her favorite Halloween movie was.  Turns out Mrs. Lavia’s favorite Halloween movie is the funny version of Frankenstein. 


     Another question I asked her  also ties into the Halloween/Fall theme.  It was “Are there any events in the library for October?”  Mrs. Lavia revealed that there was going to be a scary story contest,  Bee-lieve in yourself, and a display for Hispanic Heritage month. 

     If you’re looking for a horror book but just can’t seem to find the one.  You’re in luck, because the following question I asked Mrs. Lavia  was,”What horror book would you recommend to the students?”  Since Mrs. Lavia is more of a mystery person; she recommended “Enola Holmes” and “Scary Story Compilations” which you can find in the library.


     It’s about to get spooky with this next question, because this one has to do with Halloween!  If you’ve been thinking about wanting to get Mrs. Lavia a gift for Halloween but don’t know what to get, make sure you get her some bottle caps or reeses pieces pumpkins, since those are Mrs. Lavia’s favorite Trick-Or-Treat candy! 

And that question conducts my lovely interview with Mrs. Lavia.  I hope this Article not only helped you learn more about the library and the librarian that comes with it, but also helped answer some of your questions.  If you still have an unanswered question or multiple unanswered questions which are still pondering in your mind, make your way down to the library, now that you know the best time to go and make sure to ask Mrs. Lavia!  I’m sure she’d be happy to answer!  And while you’re there don’t forget to check out some of the awesome books that fill our library.