6th Grade Fight for Donuts


Indi Dixon

6 Grade Spirit Week!

Recently, you might have heard about “Spirit Week,” which was announced in the morning announcements. If you don’t know what spirit week is, it is a series of events and activities, and the winning advisory will win a donut party. The 6th graders were first, and the fight began. All 6th-grade advisors had to have five students volunteer for three separate activities that took place on the North field during the beginning of lunch.


6th Grade Tricycle Race

On the first day of the 6th grade spirit week, there was a tricycle race. Many participants were hard-working and determined but Mrs. Kearcher’s advisory claimed their victory. Her students Cody and Philip brought it home, with their outstanding tricycle skills. We asked if they were proud of themselves and if they would do it again, energetically replied with a yes. “Why did you join the competition”, we questioned, and both answered, “to skip fourth period”. They said that the hardest part of the tricycle race was pedaling.

On Thursday the challenge was a water balloon toss. Which Bitar’s advisory won, with amazing passes and good saves. The winners’ names were Arlando and Savannah, they managed to stay dry during this challenging event. There were many obstacles but these two thought the hardest thing for them was the nerves.

“I was scared he was going to pop the balloon on me,” states Savannah during our interview. Savannah and Arlando had completely different reasons for participating in the water balloon toss. Arlando thought that this challenge might be fun, while Savannah got 2nd place on a field day and thought she might have a chance at winning.


         The hula hoop challenge was on Friday, and for this challenge, you had to jump through the hula hoop almost like a jump rope. This challenge was won over by Holly, the competitor for Mrs. Kim’s advisory. There were many obstacles to overcome but jumping into the hula hoop was Holly’s biggest one, but with her determination and stamina, they were able to pull through. Holly participated in this challenge because no one else in her advisory knew how. Holly was feeling pretty excited while doing the challenge and after they won they felt very proud of themself.