Learning How to Survive with the 6th Grade

Hello! Welcome to the first-ever edition of the 6th Grade Magnet PBL! Here is where we will be showcasing what the 6th-grade magnet is doing. Now before we start let me explain a little bit about what PBL stands for. PBL stands for Project-Based Learning. But what exactly is PBL? PBL is where a group of students tackles a project for a semester. Each grade does a different project, but we only focus on what the 6th grade does! They learn various skills through the project some of these skills include teamwork, presentation skills, public speaking, and group idea collaboration

Mr. Rahamanou directing his students

Now that you know what this article and PBL are about let me tell you what the 6th graders are doing. For this semester, they will be working on the Survivor project, where they will figure out how to build basic tools from the world around them or a shelter out of leaves and sticks. For this project, with the guidance of their advisory teachers and chaperones,  they went on a field trip to our local Averil park. This trip was a fun and interactive experience for the 6th graders as they got to take things like sticks and rocks and make things like axes out of them. These experiences will help them create their presentation about how they survived in the wild. These presentations will be held at the end of the semester, and they get their final grades. 

Now you know what our 6th-grade magnet is doing! That’s all for now, to find out more, look out for the upcoming newspaper to find out more about our 6th Grade S.T.E.A.M Magnet!