Results are in! Who are the new Leadership Officers?

News is out about the new leadership officers, but who are they, and what will they be doing? Well, recently, on September 14th, 2022, leadership held an election during nutrition and 3rd period. The polls were finished by the time the bell for the fourth period rang. But what were these elections about? Well, they will be our new officers and have control of everything that this school does, well, the president. But it’s not just the president that goes things. Every position is a different person in power. For example, the sports directors are in charge of all our physical activities. Some of the physical directors also wanted to go beyond just physical activity in their speeches and to have pep rallies like in high schools. 


Now on to what all the people have been waiting for. Results. The new President of the entire school is Lucy Nuno. James Carter will be the new Vice President. For the position of president of the 8th grade, Aaron Rosado will be taking this position. The leader for the 7th Grade will be Guiliana Sabatino. The handler of the finances will be Gianna Mazella. Ava Ursic won as the Recording Secretary. The public relations director is Morgana Rees. The historian who will keep track of school events will be Emma Wirtz. Last but certainly not least, Aleeya Salima will be the Physical Director.


All these students will be a crucial part of running this school, as each person is in charge of different things. They also have meetings, where they all get together and discuss the important happenings of the school. Together, these students form the Leadership Officers for the 2022-2023 school year. Only time will tell how they work to change to school for the better.