The City that was Washed Ashore




On the shore of San Pedro lies the apple of an eye. A place that once stood but nature denied. So it wiped it out into rummage and scraps. What once was gone, with the ruble that remains, this is the grave of San Pedro’s Sunken City. To those who have not heard of Sunken City, it is now a deserted area where people go to tag or have picnics. So grab your blankets, drinks, or food to enjoy this story. Sunken city was once an exclusive section of California real estate and beach bungalows. But in 1929, a landslide sent countless homes to the ocean. Leaving numerous innocent people homeless. Now it’s a resting area for those who want a nap or a picnic.

Furthermore, Sunken city is also used as a tagging area. Many people go to Sunken city to show their art expertise. Even though tagging is illegal, people still do it to express themselves. You can find various taggings, from portraits to letters and even cartoons. In Sunken city, you can locate many tags in high places. So, if you ever consider tagging in Sunken city, you must batten down the hatches. Finally, if you’re ever in the area, visit Sunken city. It will be a great experience you never had.