P.E. We know it’s meant to teach you physical education. Right? What if it is more than that? Like, for example, it teaches you motor skills and self-discipline. It helps you develop goal-setting and promotes getting a healthy amount of sleep. But why should we do it? Well, here are some reasons why! P.E. benefits your immune system. So you can fight off sickness and viruses. Furthermore, let’s find out what our P.E. teachers are doing. That way, you could do it at home.

First is Mr. Morales’ class. They’re running up the hill on 14 street next to the fitness room. So they can see how fast they can run the hill. Also, did you know Mr. Morales loves teaching middle school P.E. because he wants to help them stay active and be their role model? Next, we have Mr. Olguin. In his class, you’ll be doing Ultimate Frisbee and games that help mix in your fitness. Mr. Olguin loves being a P.E. teacher to help his students become lifelong learners and take ownership of their fitness.

Last but not least, we have Mr. Lopez. With him, you’ll be working doing the 10-minute jog. Make sure you start with an easy past and go slowly at the being. That is how you’ll tire yourself out. Moreover, Mr. Lopez enjoys teaching because it’s a great way to involve kids in extracurricular activities such as sports.