The Korean Bell


           The Korean Bell is a place that every San Pedro local, or someone who visits San Pedro often, probably knows about. The Korean Bell of Friendship was forged with 17 tons of tin, gold, nickel, and lead; in South Korea and shipped to America as a gift to show their appreciation and honor those who fought in the Korean War, and consolidate the friendship between the countries. The bell weighs a whopping seventeen tons and is twelve feet tall. The Korean Bell wasn’t just an ordinary bell, the Korean Bell was modeled after the Bell of King Seongdeok. It is held up by a traditional Korean structure that has twelve columns to represent the twelve zodiacs. The bell has designs engraved in relief on it, these designs consist of the Goddess of Liberty grasping a lit torch and a Korean spirit, representing both countries respectively. 


The Korean Bell was made open to the public in 1976, and in 1978, the city of Los Angeles established the site as Historical-Cultural Monument #187. How do we have the Korean Bell? The Korean Bell was a gift presented by the South Korean government to the United States to symbolize the friendship between both of those countries. The Korean Bell of Friendship is obviously a bell but have you ever heard it rang? If you didnt then it might be since you were celebrating these holidays. The Korean Bell of Friendship is only rang 5 times each year. It rings on New Years, 4th Of July, Independence Day, National Liberation Day of Korea, and September 17th. If you ever want to hear the bell ring those are the day to go hear it!