Fake Trees Vs Real Trees



Have you ever wondered whether you should get a fake Christmas tree or a real Christmas tree during the holidays? The tradition of the real Christmas tree has been around since the 16th century. There are many things to love about a real Christmas tree, the smell, the nostalgia, and more. But are real Christmas trees really good to buy every year? Does it help our environment? 


Christmas trees are expensive and prices can range from 81-180$. 35-50 million Christmas trees are sold every year, and most of the trees are wasted and cut up. Although there are many downsides to buying Christmas trees there are also upsides. Out of the million trees sold every year, 93 percent are recycled. Another upside is nostalgia. Most people when they are younger had a real Christmas tree, and I think that they give a certain nostalgia that fake trees can’t give. Then again should we trade the importance of our environment because of our love for nostalgia? 


People look down on fake Christmas trees because they think that they are overpriced or too expensive. But, actually, people spend way more money on real trees every year than they would on a fake tree that could last a very long time. One complaint about fake trees may be that they don’t have the smell of a real one, and some trees and scented but sadly they do not give the same vibe and smell that a real one would. Setting up a fake tree might be hard but at least you don’t have to water it like you would with a real tree. 


So at the end of the day, both fake and real Christmas trees have their benefits and doubts. So really it is your preference on which one you’d rather have, based on your personal opinions and also the disadvantages.