What Are Elementary Schooler’s Favorite part of Thanksgiving?


  Thanksgiving is a well-known holiday celebrated in America.  It is a day where we celebrate what we are thankful for and the harvest in the past year and then have a feast. Many of us might have a strong opinion on the holiday or even a favorite part about it, but have you ever wondered what elementary students think of it? Well if you have or reading this made you wonder, you’re in luck because I interviewed multiple elementary schoolers so that we can find out together what the majority of Elementary students’ favorite part of Thanksgiving is.  If you’d like you can make your guess right now before reading this article and let’s find out how accurate you were! 


  The first kid I interviewed was a second grader at a local elementary school called “South Shores”.  Her name was Kaitlyn, she explained that her favorite part of Thanksgiving was the food.  I think that’s something many of us can agree on.  Do any of you have a favorite Thanksgiving food?  The next student  I  interviewed was also a second grader who had a similar response to Kaitlyn but with his own little twist. Kids often have funny responses so I wasn’t surprised when he decided that his favorite part of Thanksgiving was the delicious turkey! Am I the only one getting hungry after that? So far it looked like most elementary schoolers were thankful for something food related and I wondered if the next student would keep that up, this student was also the last second grader I interviewed. His name was “Ivan Popov.” His answer was a bit different from the rest, which left me a little stunned. His response was that his favorite part of Thanksgiving was giving thanks. Though his answer wasn’t food-related it still melted my heart since he had such a cute voice! 


  Then I moved on to interviewing a little bit of  1st graders before finding out the statistics. The first, first grader I interviewed was named “Liam.” He was a bit shy which made his response even cuter. Liam stated,” My favorite part of Thanksgiving is when we drink that apple drink (apple cider) in those glass cups cause I feel like a grown-up!” That response brought me back to so many memories since I could relate to when I used to feel grown up when I drank apple cider as a kid. I sat and thought about my memories for a little bit before going to interview the next kid who was also a boy in 1st grade. The boy’s name was Jasper and he seemed pretty confident about his answer. When I asked him the big question he was quick to answer, he said,” To eat a feast!” And the last two kids I interviewed were brothers. One was in second grade and the other was in first, but since they were brothers I decided to interview them together. They both agreed their favorite part of Thanksgiving was, “To kill the turkey!” Though their response was a bit violent it was still funny nonetheless! 


  For a little bit of a bonus, I wanted to ask one kindergartener and I was really excited when I found just the right one! His name was Logan. He had to think really hard before answering his question but nonetheless, I say his answer was worth it.  “I really like the part where we eat all the pies!” He stated. He then told me his favorite pie was apple pie and we had a very meaningful conversation on the best pies. 

  Then it was finally time to find out what the majority of elementary schoolers’ favorite part of Thanksgiving was. I hope you remember your guesses so that this can be 10 times more fun! To get the best result I calculated the percentages and made a pie chart. And the big moment finally came with…6/8 or 75% of the kid’s favorite part being something food related! That left us with only 2 other categories which were…Something Drink Related and Giving Thanks which had 1 person each! I hope you enjoyed reading the funny responses of the elementary schoolers and were able to get a laugh out of it and I also hope you all guessed correctly.  If you’d like to check out the pie chart it will be down below! To conclude, and with the holiday season slowly arriving I wish all of you a Happy Holidays!

The pie chart showing the results of the interviews.